Sailfish OS updates and expands to support more devices

A big update from a little company

A trio of phones running Sailfish OS

Finnish mobile operating system developer Jolla has shown off its newest iteration of its Sailfish operating system at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018.

The new OS is called Sailfish 3 and it’s set to launch in the third quarter of 2018. It’s packed with a number of small changes that should help Jolla find new markets and expand its existing customer-base.

The first change affects how Jolla carries out its regional licensing. Jolla is expanding its market contacts in Latin America, Russia and China by supporting regional infrastructure and adding more updates to these regionally independent versions of Sailfish.

In addition, the Sailfish team will be working to establish independent research and development centres, as well as local training in these foreign markets.

Jolla is working to target this release of Sailfish at a wider range of markets, with extended security features that are typically only seen in higher-level corporate phones.

A list of all the updates coming to Sailfish OS

The company will also expand Sailfish OS to support about a dozen new phones and devices, like the new Sony XA2, a Russian manufactured tablet called the INOI T8 and the crowdfunded Gemini PDA device.

Some notable improvements are 30 percent faster performance, full cloud integration, VoLTE support, new calendar and email redesign and support for hardware keyboards.

A full list of improvements is available on the Sailfish website.

Source: Jolla, via Engadget