Disconnect Gives Trackers the Boot and Lets You Browse 44% Faster

The Web is filled with trackers designed to keep tabs on your browsing movements, and while most are used for fairly harmless purposes, like determining which ads to show you online, some are more malicious. Disconnect blocks trackers and malware across your entire device, allowing you to browse up to 44% faster, use up to 39% less bandwidth, and even improve battery life. Lifetime subscriptions are on sale for 90% off.

Disconnect keeps your browsing secure by encrypting your Internet connection and blocking tracking requests from connecting to your devices. It masks your location so you can access content as if you’re in a different country, keeping your browsing movements under wraps and netting you access to geo-restricted sites, like Netflix and Hulu.

Lifetime subscriptions to Disconnect were on sale for $90 CAD, but they’re available today for a new price drop, lowering the final price to $64 CAD [$49 USD], more than 90 percent off the usual price.