OnePlus has stopped selling the OnePlus 5T in Canada

The company has sold all the stock it had allocated to the North American market

OnePlus 5T in hand

Canadian consumers looking to get their hands on a new OnePlus smartphone will have to wait until the company releases its newest handset later this year to do so.

On Friday, the company announced, via a statement made to Engadget, that it has sold every OnePlus 5T it manufactured for the North American market. OnePlus, unlike other smartphone OEMs, only makes the number of handsets it forecasts it will sell. The company does not plan to manufacture additional units.

When asked why the company doesn’t divert 5T units from Europe and other markets to North America, a spokesperson for OnePlus told Engadget‘s Chris Velazco that it would be “too cumbersome” to swap out AC adapters.

OnePlus will likely launch its next flagship sometime toward the end of Q2, 2018. At best, that means Canadian consumers will have to wait until late May or June before they’re able to buy a new OnePlus smartphone.

In his interview with Engadget, Kyle Kiang, OnePlus’ general manager of North America, said the stock shortage is due to stronger than anticipated demand for the company’s latest handset. According to Kiang, in 2017 OnePlus saw 139 percent growth in North America, with the Canadian and American markets together accounting for a full 25 percent of the company’s total online sales.

Source: Engadget