Here’s what’s coming to Netflix Canada in May

Dear White People season 2 arrives, Mean Girls leaves

In May, Netflix Canada is set to launch Mother! and the second season of Dear White People, as well as the fourth season of Netflix Original series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

May 1st

May 2nd

  • The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes: season 1 (available to download)

May 3rd

May 4th

May 5th

Pup Star: World Tour (available to download)

May 7th

May 8th

  • Hari Kondabolu: Warn Your Relatives [Netflix Original] (available to download)

May 11th

May 13th

May 14th

May 15th

May 16

May 17th

  • The Little Prince

May 18th

  • Cargo [Netflix Original] (available to download)
  • Catching Feelings [Netflix Original] (available to download)
  • The Foreigner
  • The Legend of Tarzan
  • 13 Reasons Why: season 2 [Netflix Original] (available to download) 

May 19th

May 21st

May 22nd

May 23rd

  • Explained – weekly episodes [Netflix Original] (available to download)

May 24th

May 25th

May 26th

  • Sara’s Notebook [Netflix Original] (available to download)

May 27th

May 28th

May 29th

May 30th

May 31st

Last chance to watch

  • Collateral (05/01/2018)
  • Cool Runnings (05/01/2018)
  • In the Heart of the Sea (05/01/2018)
  • Mean Girls (05/01/2018)
  • Billy Madison (05/02/2018)
  • Planes (05/02/2018)
  • Tangled (05/02/2018)
  • Old School (05/04/2018)
  • The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: season 1-6 (05/07/2018)