Facebook wants to recreate your childhood home in virtual reality


Though Facebook’s F8 2018 conference has just started, one thing remains clear: the company is still very committed to burgeoning virtual reality technology.

During the company’s lengthy keynote presentation, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg discussed a rather bizarre plan to utilize images of people’s childhood homes in order to recreate 3D versions of them that can then be viewed in virtual reality.

“If you have some photos from your childhood home, we can now use computer vision to fill in the gaps with this pointillism effect and recreate the rooms of your childhood home where you grew up. So you’re going to be able to go into VR with your family and visit and feel like you were right there. It feels like you’re in a dream. It’s wild,” said Zuckerberg during the keynote.

Here’s hoping Facebook somehow manages to capture the angst of my teenage years, as well as my obsession with Halo and Pokémon.

At F8, Facebook announced that Oculus’ standalone Oculus Go VR headset is now shipping to Canada starting at $269 CAD. Facebook also revealed plans to bring AR camera features to Instagram.

Image credit: Facebook

Via: RoadtoVr