Google will announce new Lens features at I/O 2018, according to LG

With the unveiling of the LG G7 ThinQ, comes the reveal that new Lens features will be announced at Google I/O.

“Available inside the Google Assistant and Google Photos, it can deliver more information on objects such as landmarks, plants, animals, books as well as identify text. Visit websites, add a business card to contacts, add events to the calendar or look up an item on a restaurant menu — all right from Google Lens. More details on Google Lens will be revealed at Google I/O,” reads an official LG press release.

The above quote doesn’t make it clear what specifically is in store for Google I/O, however, for those planning to attend the developer conference, we now know that new Google Lens features are on the way.

Google Lens is a feature that’s available via Google Photos and the Assistant app depending on the smartphone. It allows users to learn more about objects through on-screen prompts, as well as the ability to identify exactly what breeds of dogs or cats you’re looking at.

Google’s I/O keynote conference will take place on May 8th at 1 pm ET/10am PT.

Via: 9to5Google