OpenTable app now better at recommending places to eat

The apps restaurant finding capabilities are now easier to use

OpenTable app

The restaurant reservation app OpenTable has launched a redesign that is making it easier to book reservations and discover nearby places to eat.

The updated app will now feature a more streamlined design with just ‘Book’ and ‘Discover’ tabs. The ‘Book’ tab will be where users go to find restaurants that are nearby. These suggestions change based on the time of day and the restaurant’s availability.

A comparison of the Book and the Discover opentable tabs

The ‘Discover’ tab offers users personalized restaurant suggestions based on where they’ve eaten in the past and what they like.

The app has been changed to move away from booking dining experiences ahead of time to offering users immediate dinner suggestions instead.

“We reviewed data from dinner reservations and saw a dramatic rise in people looking to dine immediately. Based on this insight, we have redesigned our app experience to cater to this trend and make it fast and intuitive to discover and book the best restaurants for every dining occasion,” said OpenTable’s senior vice president Prasad Gune in a May 1st press release.

The update is currently available on iOS and should roll out to Android users shortly.