Google News to get a video-focused overhaul: report

Yet another report that Google is getting rid of the 'Play' branding

Google Canada search bar

Google News is getting a revamp that will focus on video and higher speed, according to a report from Ad Age that cites people familiar with the plans.

The changes are expected to be unveiled at its I/O developer conference next week.

One publishing executive who spoke to Ad Age anonymously stated: “It’s a consolidation of all the ways you can interact with news on Google. There are a lot of Google services where you find news, and what they’re trying to do is bring it all under one brand.”

Google News will reportedly include Google Play Newsstand (which will no longer exist independently), the news section of YouTube and will use the tech behind Accelerated Mobile Pages, a standard designed to improve loading speed of articles.

Ad Age further reports that Google News will get a new app, while the changes will apply to the website on mobile and desktop as well. The app’s current design is less than a year old.

Google cutting out Google Play Newsstand is yet another example of Google seemingly moving away from the ‘Play’ brand. Recent reports indicated Google Play Music will close when it merges with YouTube.

Source: Ad Age