Bell brings all-fibre broadband internet to Orillia, Ontario

Bell header

Bell has announced plans to bring its all-fibre broadband network to the City of Orillia in Ontario.

With the investment, approximately 15,000 residences and businesses will gain access to the improved internet technology.

Specifically, Orillia residents will be able to take advantage of data access speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second (Gbps) for both upload and download, with increased speeds of 40Gbps and beyond set for the future.

The network deployment will include more than 260 kilometres of new fibre installation, as well as the employment of local workers to help with design and construction. Bell expects broad availability of its all-fibre connections in Orillia will occur by the first quarter of 2019.

According to Dan Landy, manager of business retention and expansion with the Orillia Economic Development Office, this investment will “put Orillia among the top 10 percent of communities across Canada for high-speed connectivity.”

“Bell is proud to partner with the City of Orillia to build the next generation communications infrastructure that will provide the best connectivity solutions today as well as the Internet of Things, smart city and 5G applications of tomorrow,” said Bruce Furlong, Bell’s vice president of network, in a press statement.

“The ongoing support we have received from the City’s planning and permit departments will continue to play a key role in the quick and efficient rollout of the new network.”

Bell has already deployed or is planning to deploy its all-fibre network in the Greater Toronto Area, Oshawa and Clarington, Ontario.