Chrome version 68 extension enables picture-in-picture video on desktop

Google Chrome

Reddit user ‘kasik96‘ has shared a way to enable picture-in-picture on the desktop version of Google Chrome.

To get this feature you need Chrome version 68 or beyond and a specific PiP extension. You can check out ‘kasik96’s’ instructions on how to enable the function here.

The extension works similarly to a PiP API in previous versions of Chrome, according to XDA. However, due to the Chrome team not pushing out the API to the live client, it’s likely that there are some bugs.

Picture-in-picture (PIP) is a feature that allows videos on devices to be squished down into a small square on your screen allowing you to text, search the web and play games while viewing videos.

The feature is natively available on devices with Android 8.0 Oreo. It’s unclear when Google will officially launch the desktop version.

Note Chrome 68 will not be officially pushed out until July. This user must have been using an Alpha version of the browser.

Source: kasik96 Via: XDA Developers