Are these Android P gesture animations our first look at the Pixel 3?

Prevent Ringing, Android P

Two days ago at I/O 2018 Google released Android P’s public beta, alongside version 2 of Android P’s Developer’s Preview.

With it came new gestures for Android P and two new animations that might have given us a glimpse at the Pixel 3. This was first discovered by Reddit user ‘FindtheFishyFish.’

We know this is a bit of a stretch, but if you look at the previous ‘Gestures’ options, ‘Active Edge,’ ‘Jump to camera’ and ‘Flip Camera,’ the device in the gesture animations is obviously Pixel 2. These newer gestures, ‘Swipe up on Home button’ and ‘Prevent ringing,’ showcase a smartphone that barely has any edges around its display.

Now, this could possibly be the Nokia 7 Plus or the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S — two of the other devices that have access to the Android P beta — however, it’s unlikely that Google would use another manufacturer’s smartphone in its animations.

The phone in the animation could also simply just be a placeholder; a blank phone Google used because these Android P features will be available on a multiple of devices.

Either way, let’s talk about this possible ‘bezeless’ Pixel device. The handset appears to have a volume rocker and power button on the side of the device, in the same location it is on the Pixel 2 XL.

Additionally, it appears Google will abandon stereo speakers. It’s possible that the speakers are placed on the bottom, side or back of the phone though. LG’s G7 ThinQ manages to produce impressive sound with its ‘boombox speaker’ that uses the phone’s inner empty space to create a resonance chamber. It’s possible Google could apply a similar method to create loud sound with the next version of its Pixel smartphones.

While the animation doesn’t show a front-facing camera, Google likely managed to place it on the top bezel of the handset. It’s safe to assume this as none of the older animations indicate front-facing camera placement.

The device also looks wider than the Pixel 2XL, but still manages to have an 18:9 aspect ratio, similar to the rumoured Galaxy Note 9.

So far leaks have been very quiet about the Google Pixel 3. No codenames have been released and the only proof of existence is its name shown within the Android Open Source Project. While a reliable source also confirms the existence of the Google Pixel 3, we know next to nothing about it at this point.

So this animation could be the Pixel 3, but it also might not be — whatever phone it is, there’s no notch.

Let us know in the comments if you want this to be the next Google Pixel device.

Source: Reddit user FindtheFishyFish