Google announced 100 things at I/O this year

There was a lot of news packed into three days

Google I/O is finally over and the company has shared a list of all 100 announcements that happened at the event.

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Google Assistant is getting six new voices. Moreover, John Legend will soon lend his voice the personal assistant. The six new voices are available now but John Legend’s voice still isn’t ready.

Continued conversations are coming to make talking to Google Assistant even easier. This feature will let users chain questions together.

Google announced some new smart displays that will launch along with Youtube TV. To take on Amazon’s similarly smart displayed devices.

The scariest Google feature ever was announced and it’s called Google Duplex. It lets users use Assistant voice to book them appointments over the phone.

AI is coming to Gmail so users can smart compose emails.

The Android P beta arrived on multiple phones and users have been finding tons of new features.

App slices were shown off and they should let users go into their apps from Google Search.

Google launched a new initiative called Digital Wellbeing that comes with a variety of tweaks will help users monitor their phone use.

The JBL link soundbar is a new device that Google announced that combines a smart speaker and an Android TV into a soundbar.

The next version of Android TV was shown off along with an Android TV dongle to help developers make apps for the device.

There was a new version of Android Auto shown off at the show and it involved a very interesting Volvo Android Auto partnership.

A few new features were announced for Google Maps called ‘For You’ and ‘Your Match.’ 

Another really cool Google Maps feature was shown off called walking directions with AR

Google took a revamped approach to Google News and it should be available soon.

To check out Google’s full list of announcements click here.

Source: Google