Google Clips is now better at recognizing movements like dance and hugs


Google has updated the artificial intelligence powering its Clips camera to better recognize actions like dancing, hugging, kissing, jumping and more. All the while Clips will automatically trim footage based on camera movement.

“When it comes to kids and pets, you never know which moments you’ll want to capture. It’s not just about them smiling, looking at the camera, or posing on request (near-impossible with kids and pets who don’t want to sit still!),” says Google of the update.

“You may want to get your daughter jumping up and down in excitement, or your son kissing your cat. It’s all about the little moments and emotions that you can’t stage or coordinate ahead of time.”

Additionally, Clips will now feature multi-device pairing to let users view and share content with each other. The update also adds a number of small bug fixes.

The update is available now on the Google Play Store,

Via: 9to5Google