Snapchat rolls out redesigned app to ‘majority’ of iOS users

Snapchat iPhone

Snap has announced that it has begun rolling out a redesign to its Snapchat app to the “majority” of iOS users.

The redesign is in response to significant criticism over the major overhaul Snap made to the app late last year, which led 1.2 million users to sign a petition calling for the company undo the changes.

Further, market research company YouGov reported that many 18 to 34-year-olds had a negative impression of the app following the changes, marking a steep decline from the months prior.

Subsequently, Snap acknowledged that the “new Snapchat has felt uncomfortable for many,” with the latest update being an attempt to address many of the requested changes.

To start, the new layout places Snaps and Chats in chronological order again, while Stories from friends will be placed in the right-hand side of the app once again. Opening the app will also launch the camera to make it easy to swipe left and access friends’ content.

Friends’ Stories will remain separate from branded content, just as they were in the last Snapchat redesign.

It’s currently unclear when the update will come to Android users.

Via: The Verge