Toronto-based Thingyfy’s UMO 10W Qi wireless charger is uber minimal

iPhone users, this one's for you

There’s a new Qi wireless charger on the market, specifically aimed at those who are curating a minimal, design-focused aesthetic (read: iPhone users).

Toronto-based Thingyfy is in the midst of raising funds on Kickstarter for UMO, which it calls the “world’s most beautiful modular 10W Qi wireless charger.”

Designed for both Apple and Android users, the charger is a white square that attaches to a power source via white cable. It’s modular because there’s a smaller aluminum square that you can attach to house an Apple Watch, plus a circular wireless ‘lamp’ that lights up when placed on the UMO. You can dim the lamp with a touch. It’s all very futuristic.

Digging a little deeper into the practicalities, the charger supports 5W, 7.5W and 10W charging. It comes with a USB-A to USB-C cord.

A bundle with the UMO, light and Apple Watch holder is currently on sale for $59 CAD, and is expected to ship by September 2018.