Public Mobile is offering a $20 credit for talk and text plan activations at Walmart

The deal comes with a free SIM card

Public Mobile

Public Mobile has a new promotion for users that are looking to set up a talk and text plan.

The deal offers users a $20 credit and free SIM card when they sign up for a 30 or 90-day talk and text plan at Walmart. The offer is available until June 30th.

To get a free SIM card, users have to activate at Walmart. Taking the card home to self-activate it or ordering the card online will cost $10.

The company’s blog post states that this deal is part of a competitive response. MobileSyrup has reached out for some clarification on what offer in particular Public Mobile is competing with — but it’s safe to say it’s likely in response to one of the Telus flanker brand’s main competitors: Bell’s Lucky Mobile, Rogers’ Chatr and, occasionally, Shaw’s Freedom Mobile.

Source: Public Mobile