Google announces new Pixel Buds triple-tap and double-tap gestures

The update starts rolling out to devices today

Pixel Buds header

Google has revealed new gestures for its Pixel Buds headphones.

The triple-tap functionality allows users to turn on and off their Pixel Buds, while users can now set the double-tap gesture to skip to the next track.

Previously, the double-tap functionality only allowed users to hear notifications as they arrived on their devices.

Now users can set the double-tap feature to skip tracks by entering the Pixel Buds’ settings menu within the Google Assistant app.

Additionally, even with the new feature turned on, Pixel Buds users can still use a Google Assistant voice command to skip tracks.

Lastly, the Pixel Buds now allow users to switch between their smartphones, computers or any other device paired to the headphones. Simply select the Pixel Buds from the Bluetooth menu of the device you intend to connect to and the buds will disconnect from one device and connect to the other.

The triple-tap and double-tap update begins rolling out today.

The Google app version 8.3 teardown previously revealed the triple-tap gesture, and it seems that the feature came sooner rather than later.

Source: Google