Samsung takes a shot at iPhone battery fiasco and iPhone X notch in new ad

In typical Samsung fashion, the South Korean smartphone manufacturer has released a new ad that takes clever shots at the company’s most significant rival, Apple.

The ad, called ‘Moving On,’ is a follow-up to last year’s ‘Growing Up’ campaign, and features Samsung poking fun at recent controversy surrounding the Cupertino, California-based tech giant’s ‘batterygate’ fiasco, as well as the iPhone X’s controversial notch.

The ad focuses on a woman going on a long distance trip where her travel plans repeatedly get messed up by her iPhone 6’s slow performance.

The woman’s frustration is directed at the iPhone 6, one of the older smartphones Apple admitted to intentionally slowing down in order to prevent unintentional shut downs. Among other mishaps, she isn’t able to present her boarding pass at airport security and gets in the wrong Uber.

After this series of unfortunate events is finally over, she eventually buys a Samsung Galaxy S9. The ad closes out with ‘notch guy’ from Samsung’s ‘Moving On’ ad campaign walking by with, once again, a notch shaved into his hairline, only this time he’s accompanied by his son, who also has a notch cut into his hair.

What’s perhaps most interesting about this ad is that to some extent, Samsung is directly comparing the Galaxy S9 to Apple’s now four-year-old iPhone 6 — which doesn’t seem to make sense, even with the added context of the throttling controversy.

What do you think of Samsung’s latest shot at Apple? Is it clever? Or is this another example of the South Korean giant failing to hit the mark?