Add some fun to your commute with new 3D cars in Google Maps

Users can select one of three vehicle icons

Google Maps 3D truck icon

Google is providing a fun commute with 3D car icons in Maps on iOS.

The new icons replace the boring blue arrow when navigating.

Google Maps screenshot

When using driving navigation, you can tap the blue arrow to make the switch. Users have the option to choose a red car, green pick-up truck or yellow SUV.

Its a fun, silly little feature that adds some character to an otherwise kind of boring app.

This comes after Google added Mario in his signature go kart to Google Maps earlier this year. The mustachioed plumber was featured as a replacement for the blue arrow as part of the Mar10 Day celebrations.

Hopefully Google will add more fun options to Maps and expand the features to Android devices. It certainly livens up commuting and makes the app more fun.

Source: Google