OnePlus quietly drops Dash Charge branding after trademark challenged by Amazon

OnePlus has started to distance itself from its Dash Charge brand, likely due to the company’s inability to trademark the name.

As Android Police points out, look close enough and the move away from Dash Charge is apparent across the OnePlus ecosystem.

Most notably, OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei didn’t mention Dash Charge during the OnePlus 6 keynote. Moreover, on its online store, the company has started to call its signature Dash Charge cables and chargers “Fast Charge.” Lastly, the latest OxygenOS Open Beta says “charging rapidly” instead of “Dash charging” when the device is charging.

When asked to comment on the change, OnePlus told Android Police that it had applied for a trademark in the U.S. and European Union on Dash Charge in 2016, which was subsequently denied by the European Union Intellectual Property Office this past March.

Further research by Android Police revealed that two companies had challenged the trademark claim, one of which was Amazon. The e-commerce giant uses the Dash trademark in relation to its Dash Replenishment service, an API that allows developers to set up their internet-connected devices to automatically order items from Amazon.

Of course, none of this means OnePlus is abandoning the technology, merely that the tech won’t be known as Dash Charge anymore.

OnePlus first shipped Dash Charge alongside the OnePlus 3. One of the highlights of using a OnePlus phone is Dash Charge. The tech allows the company’s phones to replenish two-thirds of their battery in about 30 minutes, all without generating excess heat.

Source: Android Police