Sonos starts selling discounted speaker bundles

Sonos One smart speaker

Over on its online store, Sonos has started offering new speaker bundles aimed at helping Canadian consumers save on outfitting their home with the company’s products.

If you visit the Sonos website at the moment, you’ll notice there’s currently no discount for buying several Sonos speakers at the same time. According to a company spokesperson, Canadian discount pricing will go live on May 25th.

In the meantime, Sonos has provided MobileSyrup with bundle pricing, which you can see below:

Starter sets

  • 2 Sonos Ones: $469 ($498 separately)
  • 3 Sonos Ones: $679 ($747 separately)
  • 4 Sonos Ones: $899 ($996 separately)
  • 2 Sonos Play:5: $1,169 ($1,298 separately)

Home theatre

  • 3.1 set-up: $1,649 (vs. $1,798 separately)
  • 5.1 set-up: $2,118 (vs. $2,296 separately)

Sonos is expected to announce a new voice-activated home theatre speaker at a June 6th event the company plans to hold in San Francisco, Califonia. So it’s likely best to hold off on any of the home theatre bundles until after the first week of June.

Update: Amazon Canada has also started to offer discounted prices on Sonos speakers. Check them out here.

Source: Sonos