Vivo Apex FullView pop-up camera phone might have a release date

By June we could all be living in the future

The Vivo Apex smartphone

This year at Mobile World Congress Chinese phone manufacturer Vivo announced a new phone called the Apex FullView.

The smartphone had a truly edge-to-edge display with no notch. The notch was removed because the phone’s front-facing camera popped out of the top of the phone like a little Swiss Army knife.

The phone was originally only shown off as a concept device, but a few weeks after MWC the company decided to mass produce the Apex FullView.

A recent commercial by Vivo shows off a phone that looks identical to the Apex FullView and on the screen, it says “save the date 12.6.2018.” It looks like we might see more news on June 12th.

While I for one am always excited when a company finds a new and creative way to remove the notch on a phone, it will be even more exciting to see this device released to the public. That said, it’s unclear if the Apex FullView will be released in Canada.

Either way, it looks like Vivo is set to release a truly bezel-less phone in June.

Update: 23/05/2018: The video that teases the phone has been embedded into the story.

Source: Android Central