J.D. Power says Canadians still like to shop for wireless services in stores

Shopping online isn't far behind though

koodo kiosk

A new study from J.D. Power shows that Canadians still feel the most comfortable shopping for wireless plans in brick-and-mortar stores.

According to the study, 63 percent of Canadians that bought a wireless device in the past six months, did so at a physical store.

J.D. Power also found that consumers are generally happier when they shop in-store. The market research firm reports customers who shopped in a store had a satisfaction rating of 821 out of 1000. Meanwhile, customers who shopped online had a slightly lower score of 815, while customers who shopped over the phone had an even lower score of 796.

Koodo Mobile ranks number one in customer satisfaction with a score of 818. Videotron in Quebec was second with a score of 809 and Fido was third with 808.

Every carrier except for Bell and Rogers scored above the industry average of 799. Bell customers rated their satisfaction at 793 while Rogers scored the lowest with 788.

Koodo is a Telus brand so it seems like Telus and its associated companies are providing the best wireless experiences across the country.

J.D. Power creates these scores using a Net Promoter Score that is used to track customer satisfaction across multiple industries

Source: J.D. Power