YouTube tutorial shows how to install clear back glass panel on Pixel 2 XL

Even more eye-catching than the 'Panda' colouring

Google’s Pixel 2 XL in its black-and-white ‘Panda’ form is already one of the most unique-looking flagship smartphones on the market.

But YouTube content creator JerryRigEverything had to take things one step further. While replacing the glass panel on the back of a ‘Panda’ Pixel 2 XL for Michael ‘Mr. Mobile‘ Fisher, he decided to give the device a new look by scraping off the coloured paint on the replacement glass.

JerryRigEverything, real name Zack Nelson, used a metal prying tool to take off the paint — noting that since glass is a harder material than his prying tool, it wouldn’t leave any marks on the glass.

While that’s certainly true, uncleaned residue from old adhesive did make for a slightly messy look when the clear glass was applied with new adhesive. Nelson stated he would clean the pristine white surface a bit more before attempting to make another clear Pixel 2 XL backing.

Still, even though his work wasn’t pristine, the overall look of a Pixel 2XL with a clear glass back is unique and eye-catching.

Are you tempted to bust out the hairdryer, purchase some replacement glass and try this out? Let us know in the comments.