Plan events and meetings easily with Doodle [App of the Week]

Invite participants to vote on dates and times that work best for them


If you’ve ever tried to make plans with people, you know that sometimes it can be a hassle. Bouncing between messaging apps, emails and calendars to organize a gathering is never fun.

Doodle aims to make it easier by turning planning into a simple vote.

How it works

The free app enables users to create an event and set up days and times when that event happens. The app turns those options into an easy to use voting system.

Users can share the poll with friends using a direct link or share the poll directly to WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, through a text message or email.

Sharing an event in Doodle

There’s also a comments section where event planners and invitees can communicate, suggesting alternate dates or pre and post-event plans.

Users can add surveys so participants are able to vote on aspects like food options and locations. There’s also a table view that shows a list of those involved and what dates they voted for.

Invitees don’t require an account to vote on the poll or add a comment, but having an account helps.

Ending a poll on Doodle

Once the votes are in, the poll creator can choose a final date. Doodle will notify everyone involved what the decision was. Additionally, users can break down old polls and reuse certain parts like event names, dates and locations.

Doodle is capable of syncing with Google Calendar, Office 365/Outlook calendars and can connect to other calendars using an ICS feed. This helps users plan by seeing where Doodle events fit into their existing calendar, instead of jumping between apps to check if they’re free.

Extra options for a fee

Along with the free, ad-supported tier, Doodle also offers two paid tiers. The first is a ‘private tier’ for $39 USD (about $50 CAD). The private tier removes ad and comes with some extra features, like being able to see who hasn’t voted, as well as the ability to send reminders and messages to users and request additional information.

The second tier is a ‘business tier’ that’s priced based on the number of premium users. Along with all the private tier features,  business tier enables user management and the ability to set up custom subdomains and designs for a more personalized product.

Overall, Doodle is a helpful little app that makes planning a breeze. Whether you’re setting up a movie night with some friends or planning a meeting with work colleagues, Doodle can help you get it done.

Doodle is available in iOS, Android and the web.