Google seems to be very close to releasing ‘Continued Conversations’

So far it looks like the feature will begin its life on Google Home

The three different colours of the Google Home Mini

It looks like Google is close to launching the Continued Conversations Assistant feature it previewed at this year’s I/O.

Android Police recently conducted an APK teardown of the latest beta version of the Google app and found out additional details about how the feature will work.

To enable Continued Conversations to work without the “Ok, Google” trigger phrase, Google Home devices will keep listening for a brief period of time after each response. If a user starts speaking to someone else in the room and Google Home realizes, it will delete that recording from its memory.

Additionally, it appears this feature will only be available on Google Home devices, instead of all of the devices that support Google Assistant. It’s possible Google will roll out this feature to all Assistant-enabled devices at some point, but there’s nothing in the code to suggest that happening just yet.

At I/O 2018, Google said it will start rolling out the feature later this year, and from what we’ve seen from the beta, it looks like an official launch isn’t far.

Google also showed off a feature called ‘Multiple Actions’ at I/O. This feature will let users ask more than one command at a time. Nothing in the teardown suggests that feature has been implemented yet.

Source: Android Police