Nintendo confirms the dock-less Switch bundle won’t be coming to North America

The news comes after Nintendo announced plans to sell some Switches without a dock in Japan

Nintendo Switch

While handheld console fans in Japan will be able to buy Nintendo Switch devices sold without a dock, it seems that the Japanese entertainment behemoth has no plans to launch a similar bundle in North America.

According to a statement issued to USgamer, Nintendo has confirmed that it has “no plans to release this configuration in the Americas.”

Dubbed the ‘Switch 2nd Unit Set,’ the dock-less switch is reportedly designed for homes that already have a Switch connected to a television. However, the bundle would also be great for gamers simply looking to play games in the Switch’s handheld configuration.

In addition to lacking a dock, the 2nd Unit Set doesn’t includes a Joy-Con grip, HDMI cable or a charging brick — it’s just the gaming console, two Joy-Con and two Joy-Con wrist straps.

Admittedly, one of the real selling points of the 2nd Unit Set is the price. In Japan, a Switch retails for 29,980 Yen (approximately $356.39 CAD), while the 2nd Unit Set costs 24,970 Yen (approximately $296.95).

Translated to Canadian, that’s a price difference of approximately $59.44. In Canada, the Nintendo Switch costs $399.99, so a Switch that’s $60 is certainly an attractive prospect.

Source: USgamer