Vivo Apex FullView looks like it will come in two variants

Two different camera set-ups

The Vivo Apex smartphone

A new leaked image of the Vivo all-screen smartphone makes it seem like the company could offer a variant of the device that doesn’t feature a pop-up camera.

This phone has been generating a lot of hype lately as it nears its June 12th announcement. While it’s not confirmed if the device will be called the Apex FullView or the Vivo Nex, it looks like there might be two versions of the phone.

According to the most recent leak, there could be a tiny front-facing camera tucked into the chin of the device. A website called Gizmo China first noticed this new feature in a recent photograph.

While it might not be the case, this could simply be an ambient light sensor, or a secondary camera for face unlock. There’s also speculation that Vivo will be releasing two versions of this phone.

If you look back at a previous story from last week, the proposed leaked press render looks like it features a tiny chin with a pop-up camera. The leaked image from the subway features a larger chin that may house the front-facing camera. To get another look at the phone there is a small promotional video as well.

If it’s a camera, it will probably help make the handset more durable simply due to less moving parts that could potentially break.

According to Gizmo China, it isn’t uncommon for Vivo to release two version of its phones that have a slightly different spec. The Vivo X21 came with two models with different fingerprint sensor technology.

Image credit: Gizmo China

Source: Gizmo China Via: Android Authority