Philips Hue app receives major 3.0 update

The update is now rolling out to everyone

Philips hue

Home electronics manufacturer Philips has finally released its biggest Hue app update in two years.

The update brings the app up to version 3.0. The new app version was teased at CES and then started slowly rolling out at the start of May and is now available to all users.

Philips says that this version of the app has been built with a lot of user feedback in mind.

The app has a completely new design with bright colours and fresh icons. In addition to the new look, Philips has added a shortcut that lets users quickly change the colour or brightness of a specific light or room.

Once users get deeper into the app there is a new colour wheel that makes it easier for users to customize each light. The company has released 30 new pre-made scenes for users to enjoy, as well.

The app can be downloaded on iOS here and Google Play here.

Source: Philips Via: Android Police