BlackBerry joins OmniAir Consortium and develops security for V2X communications


BlackBerry Limited announced today it’s joining the OmniAir Consortium as an executive member. As a member, the company will help with advance testing, certification and deployment of technologies for connected vehicles and intelligent transportation systems.

According to the company’s press release, BlackBerry has demonstrated interoperability of its vehicle to everything (V2X) certificates at the OmniAir MotorCity PlugFest, which occurred this past May. V2X is a form of technology that allows vehicles to communicate with a traffic system. Further, V2X allows for real-time communication between road-side equipment, city infrastructure and smart devices.

Starting this autumn, BlackBerry’s security credential management system (SCMS) will secure V2X communication. It will do this by securing digital signatures — which is what protects messages from being manipulated — and providing certification which will identify of the sender as trustworthy.

BlackBerry’s upcoming system will allow manufacturers, suppliers, municipal infrastructure makers and roadside equipment makers to add V2X security protocols within their technology. Additionally connected vehicles and devices will have the ability to enroll in SCMS so that they can start using V2X.

OmniAir Consortium develops testing and certification programs for vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V), vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) and V2X devices.

“The future of connected vehicles relies on secure communication between vehicles and city infrastructure, other vehicles, and smart devices” said Jim Alfred, vice president and general manager of BlackBerry Certicom. “In order to realize this potential, cars need to talk to one another and to their environment in the same language and with the same protocols to ensure they can trust that communication. The new security credential management system we are announcing today will enhance the security, trustworthiness, and ultimately the safety of V2X communications.”

Source: Newswire