Feist is an action adventure platformer with great momentum [Game of the Week]

Tight controls make this game a joy to play

Indie game Feist originally launched on PC and is now available on iOS and Android.

The game is a side-scrolling action adventure game that reminds me a lot of indie darling Limbo and the mobile hit Badland. The game has some of the same platforming and atmosphere of Limbo, while having a very similar art style to Badland. 

Even though there are similarities to other games, Feist still stands on its own as a very good game with exceptional controls and momentum.

Now that Feist is available on mobile, users can download the game and demo it before they are asked to pay $5.49 to unlock all the game’s levels.

Players control a small furry creature that can run, jump and interact with a few in-game objects.  Controlling the creature is really fluid and it has a really good sense of momentum that makes it really satisfying to play, even with touch controls.

There isn’t a huge story arc to the Feist, but players are motivated to rescue the playable character’s loved one from a pack of predatory creatures.

The enemy design is really cool in Feist with all the evil characters looking like dark, spindly bugs or creatures. Besides looking different visually, the enemies all attack in different ways, as well. There is a spiky larvae type bug that slowly hops towards the player. Enemies only ramp up from there. For example, there is a giant mosquito type of flying enemy that will charge at the player. Later in the game, there are even larger creatures and some enemies with ranged attacks.

The terrain is also a huge part of the game with players needing to manipulate objects to move forward. There is a huge element of platforming with quick reflexes being necessary to traverse some of the tougher areas.

Feist is a great game that has really great controls for a mobile game. The good controls combined with its simple premies and challenging yet rewarding gameplay makes this game a must play for mobile game enthusiasts.

Besides iOS and Android, Feist is also available on Steam.