Alexa and Google Assistant integration reportedly coming to Xbox One

"Xbox on" might be coming back to the masses

Xbox One X header

Amazon Echo and Google Home devices will soon be able to issue commands to Microsoft’s Xbox One, according to Windows Central.

The leak comes from an image sent in by a “reliable source” and shows a button in the Xbox One preferences called ‘Enable digital assistants.’

The report makes sense, given that the Xbox One launched with voice commands through the Kinect accessory.

The Kinect more or less died off when Microsoft announced the Xbox One S, but it was useful to be able to issue your Xbox commands using just your voice.

According to the leaker, the button will then prompt users to install an app on their respective device that gives the assistant control over the Xbox.

There aren’t any leaks about what controls the assistant integration will bring, but if it reinstates the ability for users to say “Xbox on,” “Xbox pause” or “Xbox record that,” it will be pretty useful.

Hopefully we’ll see an official announcement of this feature at E3 or at the very least sometime soon.

Image Credit: Windows Central

Source: Windows Central