Google releases Android P Developer Preview 3 factory images and OTAs [Update]

Android P’s next developer preview has arrived.

Google released a timeline in March for when the developer preview would work its way out to consumers. The timeline said we’d be seeing Developer Preview 3 in early June and it looks like Google is on track for that.

Factory and OTA images are live now. However, there is no sign of a traditional over-the-air rollout yet.

Google posted the images for the Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. Android’s Developer Blog indicates DP3 will make its way to other supported devices in the coming weeks.

Those looking to flash the factory image will need an unlocked bootloader. However, users can sideload OTA files even if they have a locked bootloader.

As always, doing a clean flash — that is, wiping a device before flashing — is recommended if possible. While DP2 has been relatively smooth, there are a few bugs that may be rooted in the dirty flash I did coming from Android 8.1.

Also, some folks at Android Police said they had issues going from DP1 to DP2. It’s possible that there will be similar difficulties going from DP2 to DP3.

DP3’s release notes also indicate there are still some known issues. Namely, accessibility services, performance, battery life, UI jank, screenshot stability, Bluetooth playback and loss of NFC functionality are all potential issues. Also, some users may experience the inability to perform a factory reset.

Many of these issues were present on DP2 as well, but I haven’t experienced any of them. However, your experience may vary.

Update 06/06/2018: It appears DP3 has begun rolling out over-the-air as well. My device received the update for it just before 5pm.

Source: Android Police