Xplornet is preparing for a wireless launch ‘later this fall’

CEO Allison Lenehan provided the timeline at the annual Canadian Telecom Summit

Xplornet LTE Network website on a phone

Xplornet president and CEO Allison Lenehan told attendees at the annual Canadian Telecom Summit that the company is preparing for a mobile wireless launch in Manitoba “later this fall.”

Lenehan delivered his remarks in response to a question seeking an update on the company’s mobile wireless efforts in the province.

“We believe that broadband is wireless space and is becoming less about fixed home and mobile, so convergence is happening,” said Lenehan. “We also believe that rural Canadians deserve more.”

Lenehan also made reference to recent retail job postings, stating that visitors to Winnipeg may have come across Xplornet retail stores preparing for a launch “later this year.”

Xplornet first announced plans to launch LTE service in Manitoba in February 2017.