Haiku smart ceiling fans now work with Amazon Echo devices

Another device in your home can be voice activated

Amazon Echo 2nd Gen

A new Amazon Alexa skill is now available to Canadians and it lets them control Haiku ceiling fans with voice controls.

First, the user needs to make sure they have a Wi-Fi enabled Haiku fan and it’s set up with the Haiku Home mobile app. Once the app is set up, users can enable the ‘Haiku Home’ skill from and the two services should start working together.

Users can issue commands like, “Alexa, set the family room fan to 20 percent,” or “Alexa, increase bedroom fan speed,” with this new skill.

Haiku fans have a lot of smart skills, such as built-in temperature humidity and occupancy sensors. Adding voice controls to these devices helps complete the smart home puzzle by letting users control another aspect of their home with voice controls.

The Alexa Skill can be enabled here. The iOS app can be downloaded here and the Android version here.

Source: Big Ass Fans