A new press image has leaked of the Vivo NEX all-screen phone

That screen though

Vivo’s upcoming all-screen, no-notch smartphone has leaked again.

This new leak comes from the Twitter account Ice Universe. The leak shows off the all screen phone design with a small highlight where the in-display fingerprint sensor will be.

The leak gives us one of the cleanest looks at the phone so far, with all of the right side button visible.

Previous leaks have indicated there might be two all-screen Vivo phones. The NEX features a large chin and no pop-up camera, while the Apex FullView was shown off at Mobile World Congress and has a pop-up camera.

This render doesn’t seem to be showing either the chin camera or the pop-up one but the leaker said the image shows the NEX.

Full details about at least one of Vivo’s all-screen phones — teasers show one with a pop-up camera — will be revealed on June 12th.

Source: Ice Universe