Freedom Mobile completes Band 4 spectrum rollout, updates network coverage map

The updated network coverage map reflects changes made in Alberta and Ontario

Freedom Mobile

Canadian regional carrier Freedom Mobile has completed its Band 4 spectrum rollout, and has updated its network coverage map to reflect changes made in Alberta and Ontario.

MobileSyrup was made aware of changes to the carrier’s coverage map thanks to a June 8th, 2018 post in the Freedom Mobile subreddit by Redditor dojo_mojo88.

A Freedom Mobile spokesperson later confirmed to MobileSyrup via email that the network map was updated on June 7th.

The spokesperson stated that the changes reflect “the completion of our Band 4 spectrum roll-out, the addition of new sites in the outskirts of urban areas and equipment upgrades that have enhanced overall network performance.”

Freedom Mobile first launched its LTE network in 2016. However, only devices that were compatible with Band 66 LTE were initially supported by Freedom.

Since then, the carrier has worked on expanding the number of devices support by its network, and has also purchased spectrum licences from other carriers — including Quebec-based Quebecor — in order to roll out 700MHz (Band 13) and 2,500MHz (Band 7) spectrum to its customers.

A Redditor discovered in March 2018 that Freedom Mobile had begun to test Band 13 spectrum in select markets — including Vancouver, British Columbia.

Source: Reddit