Kingston, Ontario bought the most books on Amazon Canada this past year

Ontario university cities love to get their books from Amazon


Amazon has crowned Kingston, Ontario as the number one book-buying Canadian city from May 2017 to May 2018, followed by Waterloo, Ontario.

The titles come as part of’s annual list of “the top 20 Canadian cities that love to read.”

To create the list Amazon looks at its sales of print and e-books on a per capita basis. From this data, Amazon is able to pull some interesting statistics.

Judging by the top three cities it looks like post-secondary students are, unsurprisingly, the most voracious readers. Both Kingston and Waterloo are smaller Canadian cities that have universities and colleges within their borders.

The company also breaks down what city buys the most of each type of book. Kingston read the most romance and mystery novels while Waterloo read the most science fiction and fantasy books. Vancouver bought the most health, fitness and dieting books.

See the full list below.

  1. Kingston, Ont
  2. Waterloo, Ont
  3. Vancouver, B.C.
  4. Kelowna, B.C.
  5. Langley, B.C.
  6. Saskatoon, Sask
  7. Calgary, Alta
  8. Oakville, Ont
  9. Regina, Sask
  10. Edmonton, Alta
  11. Red Deer, Alta
  12. Guelph, Ont
  13. Burlington, Ont
  14. London, Ont
  15. Delta, B.C.
  16. Oshawa, Ont
  17. Kitchener, Ont
  18. Barrie, Ont
  19. Winnipeg, Man
  20. Thornhill, Ont

Source: Amazon Canada