PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds hits 400 million players

PUBG on Xbox One

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has surpassed 400 million registered players around the world, according to developer PUBG Corp.

This figure factors in PUBG players across all platforms — Xbox One, PC and, most recently, Android and iOS.

Altogether, there are over 227 million monthly PUBG players and 87 million daily PUBG players across all of these platforms, says PUBG Corp.

Finally, PUBG Corp. revealed that over 50 million units have been sold on PC and Xbox One. The mobile versions of the game aren’t included as they’re free-to-play.

To celebrate these milestones, PUBG Corp. is currently offering its first-ever Steam sale for the PC version of the game. Until July 5th, players can purchase PUBG for $24.78, 33 percent off its regular $36.99 price tag.

Alongside the newly revealed player statistics, PUBG Corp. also announced that the game’s third map, Sanhok, will officially release on PC on Friday, June 22nd. The 4km x 4km jungle setting is smaller than PUBG‘s first two maps, Erangel and Miramar, which both measure in at 8km x 8km.

Sanhok is slated for release on Xbox One in late summer.

Source: PUBG Corp. Via: TechCrunch