Uber now notifies users if they’re driving in an electric vehicle in Montreal

Uber Eats app on iPhone

Uber is working together with local experts and its partners to launch a new electric vehicle (EV) initiative.

When riders in Montreal match with a driver in an EV they’ll receive an in-app notification. The in-app notification will let the rider know they’ll be driving in an EV alongside other information about EVs.

For drivers, Uber has acknowledge some of the limitations of driving an EV, such as balancing long trips with battery life and the lack of charging stations. Uber hopes “this new initiative will continue to empower drivers to tackle these challenges,” it said in its official blog.

In Montreal, Uber is partnering with the Association des Vehicules Electriques du Quebec (AVEQ) as well as Mobilité Électrique Canada. Uber is partnering with these organizations among others in the U.S. “to strengthen our efforts to assist riders and drivers seeking more efficient vehicle options.”

This greener initiative pilot is also taking place in eight other American cities, such as Austin, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh and Seattle.

Source: Uber Blog