It’s more expensive to subscribe to YouTube Music on iOS than Android

YouTube is the latest app to fall victim to Apple's 30 percent fee

Google recently launched its new music streaming service, YouTube Music in Canada. Unfortunately, for iPhone and iPad users, it costs more to subscribe on iOS to YouTube Music than it does on Android and other platforms.

A YouTube Music subscription costs $9.99 CAD per month everywhere except inside of the iOS app. Users that want to get YouTube Music on iOS, will either have to sign up online or pay $12.99 CAD instead.

The price difference is due to the fact that Apple takes a 30 percent cut on in-app subscriptions. This has been something that a lot of music streaming apps have had to deal with on iOS. Spotify, for instance, prompts its users to sign up online instead of paying the extra $3 when they hit the ‘Premium’ button on iOS.

The 30 percent fee has been critiqued in the past, especially since Apple offers its streaming service for $10 on iOS making it appear cheaper than the competition.

If you’re an iOS user and you want to get YouTube Music, sign up here instead.

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