Montreal-based entrepreneur launches Globle democratized innovation platform

Globle's goal is to streamline the funding and development of innovative ideas

Montreal-based entrepreneur Simon Tian has launched a new hub for funding and developing innovative ideas.

According to a June 20th, 2018 media release, Globle is a “universally owned platform that democratizes innovation and company creation.”

“With the impending technological unemployment caused by the rise of automation and AI, we see an increasing need for a democratized innovation model where creativity and entrepreneurship can be fully fostered and harnessed,” said Simon Tian, in the same June 20th media release.

“The wealth created from this ecosystem will be fairly distributed to contributors and to everyone else through a universal basic income (UBI).”

Globle utilizes a “system of smart contracts on the blockchain” to govern the platform’s decentralization.

The platform is also powered by three types of token: Globle Coin, Project tokens and Globle Token.

Additionally, once a project has been funded and profits are generated, money is allocated to the project’s inventors, the project’s team, as well as the project’s investors.

It’s worth mentioning that Simon Tian is the same entrepreneur responsible for the crowdfunded Neptune Hub LTE-enabled wristband.

Source: Globle