Android’s TalkBack app gets renamed Android Accessibility Suite

The Google ‘TalkBack’ app has received an overhaul with a new name and Material Design.

TalkBack, an app that provides spoken feedback of anything on your screen will now be called the ‘Android Accessibility Suite.’ The app is designed for visually impaired users, allowing them to navigate their handset.

The new Android Accessibility Suite features TalkBack, alongside ‘Switch Access’ and ‘Select to Speak.’

TalkBack provides a screen reader and vibration feedback to help those who are blind or have a low vision to navigate their devices.

Select to Speak allows the users to select something on their screen and have it read or described aloud to them. Switch Access, on the other hand, lets the user control their device with a switch. The switch helps users with dexterity impairment more efficiently use their phone.

Talkback also gets Android TV improvements, while Switch Access gets new settings and a better spoken feedback feature.

The new update, version 6.2, added these new features and will roll out via the Play Store today, according to 9to5Google.

Source: 9to5Google