Google adds subscriptions center in Play Store to easier manage subscriptions


Google subscribers are growing more than 80 percent year over year, according to the Android Developer’s Blog.

With the growing amount of subscriptions, Google has recently launched a new ‘subscriptions center.’ The subscriptions center makes it easier for users to manage their subscriptions on Google Play.

With the center, users can:

  • Renew a subscription
  • Restore a cancelled subscription
  • View all their subscriptions to see details and status
  • View all of their subscriptions to see details and status
  • Manage and update payment methods, including setting up a backup payment method.

Users will now receive a cancellation survey whenever they cancel a subscription.

If the user has no subscriptions, the center will feature a ‘Get Started’ link allowing users to discover new subscription apps. Google is also launching a new deep links functionality that lets users manage their subscriptions from apps, over email or via the web.

Alongside the subscriptions center, Google is rolling out new tools giving users more flexibility in manage your business. Business can soon ask users to accept a price change via Google Play. The store will notify users of the change price via emails, push notifications and in-app messaging.

If the user doesn’t agree to the price change, Google will automatically cancel the subscription.

Previously, users could manage their subscriptions through the ‘Account’ option within the Google Play Store. The new center makes subscriptions easier to find and to manage.

Source: Android Developer’s Blog