Ontario premier Doug Ford may scrap electric vehicle rebates

Drivers may only have a short time left to save $14,000 on a Tesla

Tesla Model 3 on road

The Government of Ontario is poised to get rid of the province’s electric vehicle tax credit.

The tax credit is worth up to $14,000 CAD and makes buying a green energy vehicle more affordable.

New premier Doug Ford has stated that he will cancel Ontario’s cap-and-trade program. His government already cancelled the smart thermostat rebate that was part of the Green Energy Fund, so it seems like likely the government will cancel other green energy rebates, as well.

Ontario was one of the few provinces to have an Electric and Hydrogen Vehicle Incentive Program (EHVIP). Under the Liberal government, the province offered a handful of rebates on things that promoted green energy, like insulation, smart thermostats and cars.

Ford has not made any statements about cutting the vehicle credit directly, but his spokesperson has said that it’s likely. “Doug Ford has been clear that he is cancelling cap and trade and Kathleen Wynne’s climate change action plan,” said Jeff Silverstein in an email to CBC Toronto.

A wide range of cars from GM to Tesla were eligible for a rebate between $5,000 to $14,000 under the program.

Source: CBC Toronto