A standard for using phones with NFC as car keys has been developed

A future without car keys is a lot closer than we thought

The Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) has published a new standard for using smartphones as car keys.

Companies like GM, Audi, BMW and Apple are all part of the Car Connectivity Consortium, along with a lot of other car brands and technology companies.

The CCC’s new standard allows drivers to download a version of their car key. The digital version can lock and unlock the car as well as start it by using NFC. The most interesting feature is the way that people will be able to share their keys wirelessly between devices.

Some manufacturers like Audi have already implemented smartphone keys, but using their own proprietary technology. Now that the CCC has created a standard it will ideally spread to more vehicles.

This is a really futuristic idea and it will be interesting to see how car companies adopt this feature over the next few years.

Source: Car Connectivity Consortium Via: MacRumors