How to keep your Canadian mobile account safe with a security PIN

Adding an extra layer of account security is always helpful

Keeping your personal information secure is something that should be at the top of everyone’s mind, but a lot of people don’t take the extra steps to add verification to their wireless accounts.

All of the Canadian carriers let users set up a PIN number that makes it easy to add a layer of verification to a user’s mobile account.

The PIN is used to verify the user when they call in to talk to their carrier. It’s a good idea to set up a PIN as an extra bit of verification so bad actors can’t alter or cancel your mobile plan.

The secure PIN is just used to verify the user when they call in to talk to customer support, or when they web-chat with customer support online.

Virgin Mobile

Users of the Virgin Mobile network have a few options when it comes to setting up an account verification PIN.  The PIN can be assigned when a user is first getting their account set up or the first time a member calls into Virgin, customer service will request the user sets up a PIN.

Customer support – 1 (888)-999-2321


SaskTel users have three options when it comes to setting up a PIN. They can call the company’s customer support or go online and chat with a customer service representative. The final option is to visit a SaskTel store and set it up there.

Customer support – 1 (800)-727-5835


People on Bell’s mobile network can call in and ask customer support to set up a PIN for them, or walk into a retail store and get it set up there.

Customer support – 1 (866)-302-5922


Rogers customers have a few options for users to verify their account. Users can call into the company’s call centre and ask to set up a verification PIN. Additionally, users can set up a secret question and answer just in case they forget their PIN. Rogers clients also have the option to set up voice authentication on their account as another layer of security.

Customer support – 1 (855)-381-7834


Telus users are first prompted to set up a verification code when they open their account with the company. If a user wants to change it they simply have to call into Telus customer support and ask to change their verification PIN.

Customer support – 1 (416)-940-5995


Eastlink sets up a customer’s PIN when they first activate their mobile account. If the user wants to change it later they can call in, or use the company’s online self-care application.

Customer support – 1 (888)-345-1111

Freedom Mobile

Freedom Mobile users will get a PIN number texted to them once they activate their phone for the first time. Users can customize their PIN online in their My Account page.

Customer support – 1 (877)-946-3184

Not every carrier responded to our request for comment, but users can always call their carriers customer support lines and ask how to set up a verification PIN.