Premium AirPods, over-ear headphones and next-gen HomePod coming from Apple in 2019


It looks like Apple is set for a pretty busy 2019 when it comes to product releases.

Apple is working on new premium AirPods, according to a report stemming from Bloomberg’s often reliable Mark Gurman.

The new high-end AirPods are expected to debut in 2019, along with a pair of over-ear headphones that won’t be Beats branded. Apple’s new AirPods will reportedly be water resistant, feature noise-cancellation, and are set to feature some sort of seal, or way of fitting them more snugly in your ear to make them more useful during exercise.

It’s also possible that the new AirPods could feature biometric sensors designed to detect the user’s heart rate. The standard AirPods will also be upgraded to include a new version of Apple’s W1 wireless chip, along with hands-free Siri support. The AirPods wireless charging case revealed back in September by Apple will also be included with the next iteration of the company’s earbuds.

The over-ear headphones Apple is working on will reportedly be priced higher than its current Beats offerings. This means the headphones will sit somewhere in the the $400 CAD plus price range, given that Beats’ current high-end offering, the Beats Pro, come in at $439.

Finally, Bloomberg is reporting that the next iteration of Apple’s HomePod is set to arrive in 2019. It’s still unclear what will be featured in the second-generation of the HomePod, though previous rumours indicated that Apple could be planning to release a lower-cost version of its smart home speaker.

Apple’s HomePod finally made its way to Canada at $450 on June 18th.

All of these products are set for a release at some point in 2019, says Bloomberg.

Source: Bloomberg