Apple Watch has a new Twitter client called Chirp

Twitter is back on your wrist

A new Twitter app called Chirp offers a way for users to tweet from their wrist.

Twitter pulled its first-party watchOS App from the App Store during the fall of last year and since then reading tweets on a watch has been impossible.

Chirp was created by an Australian developer named Will Bishop. This is Bishop’s second Apple Watch app, with the first being a tiny Reddit client called Nano. 

The Twitter client lets users interact with almost all of the social network. Users can reply to their mentions or DMs, as well as check in on their timeline and what’s trending.

The app starts out with a free version but users will have to pay up to $4.99 USD to use. The pro version lets users read and reply to direct messages as well as, access Twitter lists.

Chirp is really customizable, even letting users choose what interface elements the user wants to see on their wrist. Users can pick whether or not they want to see images, the retweet counter and more.

Users can download the Chirp app on iOS here.

Via: TechCrunch