Teardown shows how the Vivo NEX’s pop-up camera works

A closer look at the Vivo NEX

The website MyFixGuide recently completed a teardown of the Vivo NEX and it shows how some of the cooler tech in the phone works.

The first interesting technology that the team discovers in the teardown is the in-display finger print reader. The team discovered that the scanner is different then the Vivo X21. It uses a super short focus camera to read the users finger print information. There’s also an under-screen light sensor in this section of the phone.

As the teardown delved further into the phone the team found out how Vivo was able to make the font-facing camera pop up. The camera runs off of a little motor that pushes it up and down a screw. Additionally, there’s a small spring that helps cushion the camera as it retracts inside of the phone.

The coolest technology in the phone is the ear-piece speaker. The phone doesn’t use a traditional ear-piece, instead there is a vibration motor that can recreate sounds. The team wasn’t able to pin point what the exact motor was but they claim it’s an expensive model.

Image Source: MyFixGuy

Source: MyFixGuide